The Adventures of Jonny Law

Least likely to succeed, J.L.Hoover, alias Jonny Law, always dreamed of getting into the FBI. When a little physical ailment (spastic colon) appears to have thwarted his dream of joining the elite group, he doesn't just throw in the towel and give up - instead he forms his own agency - the S.A.A.O.A. (Secret Agent Association of America). In this zany comedy/adventure, Jonny teams up with his old high school buddy and recovering alcoholic, Frank Miller. Together they are two of the wackiest secret agents on the planet. And when Frank's new neigbors are a little more than suspicious, the two quickly find themselves on the biggest case of their lives that involves saving the President of the United States and perhaps the whole world if the evildoers of Sphere aren't stopped. (Chapter 1)

Steve Samsel

About the Author

Steve Samsel has authored six feature length screenplays and is an accomplished singer/songwriter/recording artist, who has appeared on MTV. He is also an aspiring filmaker. His short film, A Light Through The Darkness, premiered in New York and has found audiences as far away as Mumbai, India. He resides in Mead, Washington.